Ufor – Urban forestry program

Why the Ufor Program

Due to a scarcity in Canada and globally, the Urban forestry training program (Ufor) aims to increase the supply of well-qualified professional leaders capable of managing urban forestry (UF) in new urban ecosystems shaped by complex socio-cultural and economic conditions.

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The Ufor team

The Ufor network includes 10 members from universities across Canada, 26 collaborators from across the world, graduate students (Msc and PhD) and post-docs from across Canada as well as many partner organizations.

Ufor training

Every year, the Ufor network offers an intensive one-week hands-on summer or early fall school in socio-ecological urban planning and applications of urban forestry to all funded trainees. All Ufor trainees are expected to complete a 1 to 3 month internship with a partner to better understand the partners’ issues and to foster direct interactions and knowledge transfer.


UFOR summer school 2021 – Final discussions on Friday

August 27, 2021

During our last online session every participant of the UFOR summer school shared their thaughts on the following three questions : (a) what was the most promising (positive) aspect of canopy-cover management that you learned about durin...

UFOR summer school 2021 – Thursday Student presentations

August 26, 2021

These are the student presentations showcasing their field visits in the morning of Wednesday August 25th. The main theme during this first day of the field school was : Deletion of Canopy Here are the order of the student presentations ...