Ufor Scholarship program


This NSERC Urban Forestry competition is intended for:

  • Undergraduate students looking for a summer internship.
  • Master students having completed no more than 3 semesters in their program.
  • Doctorate students having completed no more than 6 semesters in their program.
  • Post-docs which have completed less than half of their postdoc.

All applicants must have a project relevant to urban forestry, must be supervised or co-supervised by a Ufor member or collaborator and must demonstrate how a non-academic partner is or will be involved in the project.

Evaluation Criteria

Here are some of the key elements that will be evaluated when assessing applications;

  • Strength of the candidate’s resume and proposed research project.
  • Encourage non-academic collaborators.
  • Encourage NSERC- SSHRC or NSERC-CIHR cross-work / multidisciplinary projects.
  • Encourage applications with collaborations between co-applicants and/or collaborators.
  • Encourage cross provinces or international collaborations. 

Important dates

February 15th 2023 is the deadline to submit applications for the next round of Ufor scholarships or your progress report to renew your current Ufor scholarship.

Forms and supporting documents needed

Here are links to download the Ufor scholarship application forms as well as the progress report for current Ufor students and postdocs. You can submit either forms in both French or English.