Alain Paquette

Professor UQAM

CEF, 2RLQ, Chaire de recherche sur la forêt urbaine


Interests and Expertise

Urban ecology and tree biodiversity


  • Postdoctorats zonage fonctionnel (TRIADE)et biodiversité, 2007-(UQAM et UQO)
  • Ph.D. en sciences biologiques, 2007 (Université de Montréal)
  • M.Sc. en sciences biologiques, 1999 (UQAM)

I am interested in the effects of biodiversity on the forest environment, and the place of trees in urban and peri-urban areas.

My work focuses on the relationship between biodiversity and the functioning of ecosystems. This young science (BEF) is rooted in concerns for biodiversity loss linked to global changes, with the accumulation of evidence of a generally negative impact on ecosystem functions. However, certain aspects are still poorly understood or explored, including: • How does biodiversity affect the resilience of ecosystems in the face of stress? • what are the mechanisms explaining the effects of biodiversity, at what trophic levels? • how these changes affect ecosystem services that affect people; and how does urban green infrastructure and its diversity affect our health and the services we depend on?

My model is typically the forest and tree systems because of their importance on the earth (climate, biodiversity) and for humans (subsistence, services), and because they are still poorly documented, particularly because of their size and longevity. I use forests in observational studies using inventories (GFBi), as well as controlled experiments (IDENT, TreeDivNet). I study tree systems wherever they are, but given my interest in ecosystem services and the lack of literature on the effect of diversity in and around cities (where the majority of humans now live), I increasingly integrates urban and peri-urban environments and issues into my work.

The Urban Forest Research Chair, of which I am the holder, aims to study urban forests in order to adapt to climate change and ensure their resilience. The objective of the Chair is to make the population aware of the importance of the urban forest and to make them aware of the functioning of trees in an urban environment.

Current Urban-Forest Projects and Initiatives

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