Alison D Munson

Professor Université Laval

Faculté de foresterie de géographie et de géomatique


Interests and Expertise

soil-plant relations, urban soils, soil carbon stabilization, plant traits, biodiversity and ecosystem function, biodiversity in urban landscapes


Alison is a professor in forest ecology at Université Laval, Faculté de foresterie de géographie et de géomatique. Her research focuses on soil-plant relationships and biogeochemistry (especially carbon and nitrogen) in different environments, including the urban environment. She takes a functional ecology approach via plant traits to understand the feedback of traits on soil carbon stabilization. She is active in urban ecology and forestry as co-holder of the Chair on urban trees and their environment, with the City of Quebec.

Current Urban-Forest Projects and Initiatives

  • Co-director of research chair in urban forest and its environment with the city of Québec ( : exploring early tree plantation survival and growth under different soil management conditions
  • Vice-president of LIEU an NGO concerned with urban soils
  • Project LAU-LA with the city of Montreal : designing productive, perennial vegetation landscapes
  • Project of ILOV with the city of Quebec : designing productive, perennial vegetation landscapes
  • Guide for best practices for management of urban soils (near completion)

Teaching about Urban Forests

Course in urban soils in development

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