Johanna Bock

PhD student Urban Forestry Program

Department of Forest Resources Management, University of British Columbia

Lorien Nesbitt mail_outline

Short description of Project

I’m interested in how diverse people use and perceive urban forests, what motivates them to go outside and how this is connected to their health and well-being. With a background in psychology my areas of expertise are (mental) well-being and healthy development, survey design, physical activity, and methods of participant engagement (e.g. participatory mapping, daily diary research).

Short description of internship with partner

For my PhD I am exploring how different urban residents behave in greenspaces, which value these spaces have for them, and how this reflects on their health. I am using various methods for my research such as participatory mapping and daily diaries to gain an understanding of where people go, which activities they participate in and how they benefit. I am also planning to conduct some walking interviews to add to qualitative data on personal connections to urban green spaces and how they influence daily behavior.

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