Julien Vachon

PhD in Public Health

Université de Montréal

Audrey Smargiassi (UdeM) & Stéphane Buteau (INSPQ)

julien.vachon.1@umontreal.ca mail_outline

Interests and Expertise

Air pollution; Modelling; Machine learning; Land Use Regression

Short description of Project

My project is two-fold: 1) modelling ambient ultrafine particles in Quebec City by leveraging data from a year-long mobile monitoring campaign, in order to allow the conduct of health studies; 2) developing and comparing various statistical and machine learning approaches to determine which method is best suited for modelling such a pollutant with very high spatial contrast.

Short description of internship with partner

As part of my modelling of ambient ultrafine particles in Quebec City, we investigated if the use of more detailed predictors related to urban trees characteristics (e.g., tree height, crown volume, crown height, fraction of coniferous, etc.) was useful in generating more accurate predictions, when compared to using NDVI.

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