Menilek S. Beyene

Ph.D. Student

University of Toronto Scarborough – Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences

Dr. Marc Cadotte mail_outline

Interests and Expertise

Forest and Landscape restoration

Short description of Project

My research aims to investigate applied approaches of forest restoration against current ecological theory and methods. My objectives are to improve restoration monitoring and success to combat global issues of climate change, food insecurity, environmental degradation, and loss of biodiversity.

Short description of internship with partner

I have partnered or aim to partner with organizations that conduct forest and landscape restoration, such as the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, Ontario Nature, or the City of Toronto, to support current applied restoration efforts in urban and peri-urban environments. Here, opportunities for data sharing and knowledge generation are important to directly apply research results to ongoing restoration and conservation efforts. My research will aim to determine measures of success in urban forest restoration and develop improved applied approaches for practitioners to monitor restoration efforts.

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