UFOR summer school 2021 – Tuesday Student presentations

Publié le 24 August 2021

These are the student presentations showcasing their field visits in the morning of Monday August 23rd. The main theme during this first day of the field school was : Additions to canopy cover

Here are the order of the student presentations in this video:

1- Dalhousie Student present their visit of Halifax with Crispen Wood Manager of Urban Forestry at Halifax Regional Municipality (Start to 29:00)

2- Montreal Students present their visit of new bike path and tree planting near highway exits in Laval city (29:00 to 60:00)

3- Toronto students present their visit of Betty Sutherland trail Parik and Beare Hill Park (60:00 to 1:27:00)

4- UBC students present their visit in Vancouver and small city in Germany (Bad Nauheim) (1:27:00 to end)